100% Termite proof and 100% Waterproof.

About Us


Woodtrek‘ has been a belief and a source of satisfaction since 19xx in manufacturing various wooden patterns taking along the pressure and bearing responsibility of being qualitative hub for various innovative and dashing mult-dimensional furniture outlook.

Down the years, ‘Woodtrek‘ been successfully putting forth the quality and satisfaction of its customers without compromising theirs happiness altogether. We at ‘Woodtrek‘ address the all longlasting and irritating wood complications such as swelling, rotting, splitting, delamination, cup or craze and unfavourable weather’s hide an seek.

The so called ‘scientific approach’ in handling the every bit of wooden dimension has embarked an illustrious impression on our dealers mind and left no other option but to puruse a strong belief in our makings.

Woodtrek‘ products stands out amazingly before competitors, as it resist to any marks, dents or scratches and same could well be experienced by builders as they nail, glue, drill, rout, and cut our products using their regular tools. All ‘Woodtrek’ products look feel and work just like high-quality wood and are not influenced by moisture, insects. and just about anything else Mother Nature can deal with.

Ever since its inception, ‘Woodtrek’ specialises in many fascinating benchmarked wooden patterns such as Wpc/pvc celuka broad, 3D wall deco panel, Grill series ,WPC DOOR & FRAMES. Not only the products are cost effective but are adhered to make anyone mad about it just because of its rational and unique look.


‘Woodtrek‘ is a revolution and innovative endeavor in wooden industry as it ignores all possible threats and fears associated with wooden patterns, be it ‘natural or accidental’ and offers a exclusive look and feel to one’s official and domestic space.

No one could be compared with ‘Woodtrek‘ wooden patterns as far as look,feel and durability and longer and stable life span is concerned as the products are explored through well sophisticated and advanced artistic excellence and bears well accustomed with satisfaction over the years.

The revolutionary and innovative products Wpc/pvc celuka broad, 3D wall deco panel, Grill series ,WPC DOOR & FRAMES proves to be a standardised as it restricts further consequence of climatic interference and insecticidal attacks with the effect of time.

Believe! You will find yourself at the heaven and would cherish our association for rest of your life . To get in more and explore through our various products available , we are always be there for you….

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