100% Termite proof and 100% Waterproof.


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The answer lies within the question domain itself; Woodtrek patterns will take your ambition and expectation beyond any physical limits. Unlike any other wooden patterns, Woodtrek products provide extraordinary full proof resistance against all odds of natural consequences such as moisture, untimely rains, drastic heat and cold weather.

Why we are poles apart to others –
  • Cost effective Patterns
  • Durability and Longer stable life span
  • Rational and charming designs
  • The patterns extraordinarily put through against swelling, rotting, splitting, delimitation, cup or craze and unfavorable weather’s hide an seek.
  • With all sophisticated tools and scientific treatment of patterns at ‘Woodtrek’ makes it more demanding.

At Woodtrek the all is taken care is a thorough client satisfaction and we admire our relationship than anything else.

Woodtrek Ply wood MDF Particle board
Water & Moisture Proof
Termite & Pest Proof
No Shrinking or Swelling
Fire Retardant
Borer Proof
Corrosion Resistance
Splinter Free
Maintenance Free
Environment Friendly
Smooth Surface much more smoother less smoother less smoother less smoother
Outdoor Adaptibility
Gluing & Lamination
Weather & Ageing Resistant

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